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My Grandma's Perfect Roti: A Legacy in Every Bag of Chakkiwalle

 Stone grounded Flours

Secret to My Grandma's Perfect Roti

Hi everyone, I am Shivi Jawalia, the co-founder of Chakkiwalle!

Today, I want to share a story close to my heart, one that explains why Chakkiwalle exists and the magic behind our Whole Wheat Fine Flour.

It all goes back to my Nani (grandmother). Every evening, the aroma of freshly made roti would fill our house. Nani's roti was legendary – soft, light, and perfectly cooked. But her secret wasn't some fancy ingredient; it was the flour.

I always asked myself, what is special in Nani's flour? the answer is quite simple, she grounded the flour on her own, it was stone grounded, preserving the goodness of the whole wheat kernel – the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. It was coarse, resulting in roti that was unlike any others, bursting with flavor. 

For our restaurant preparations, I use stone chakki flour, and the same is consumed in my family too. In all our get together, my friends never forget praising the taste of yummy roti, as they bring back those childhood memories. That's when I decided to recreate Nani's legacy by giving it the form of a business venture.Chakkiwalle was born! We don't have fancy stores; we focus on delivering the freshest, finest whole wheat flour directly to your doorstep.

Because just like Nani's roti, we believe in bringing families together, one delicious meal at a time.

So, the next time you make roti, paratha, chapati or any whole wheat dish, give Chakkiwalle a try. Experience the difference that real whole wheat flour, with its legacy of quality and taste, can make.

At present we grind 3 types of Whole Wheat Flours: 

  • Fine: for those who love to bake cakes, bread and for ultra-soft chapati or roti.
  • Medium Coarse(Dardara) for the authentic taste of Chapati and Halwa.
  • Coarsely grounded: for preparation of Rajasthan Baati, Churma, Postpartum Laddoo etc.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. We'd love to hear your stories and recipes tooShare them in the comments below. 

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